Salisbury Christian School is proud to present Andrew Llyod Webber’s Phantom of the Opera! Come out and support your local school!

Production Dates:
Friday, April 25th— 7PM
Saturday, April 26th— 7PM
Sunday, April 27th— 3PM

Ticket Prices:
Adult Show Pre-order: $12
Adult Show at Door: $15

Student Show Pre-order: $10
Student Show at Door: $12

Child Show Pre-order: $8
Child Show at Door: $8

Ordering Information:

Performance Place:
807 Parker Road, Salisbury MD, 21804




So today this guy accidentally hit me with the door when he was walking out of a classroom and instead of saying sorry he just looked me over and said ‘pretty cute’ and walked away . And then I realized . I literally just got hit on . The pun is greater than the pain .

I guess you could say that he adores you

get the fuck out


You bump into a man on the subway wearing a trenchcoat. You apologize and he responds “Its alright. We’re only human. All of us. All of us here are human. Yep. Very human. I’m probably the most human here! You betcha.” and then the trenchcoat falls and the figure collapses and roughly 1000 salamanders scatter around the train 


Fashion must-haves of 2014:

  • sword
  • billowing cape
  • glowing aura
  • hellhounds
  • socks


business in the post, party in the tags


um hi, my friend wants to know if you think im hot


*purposely drop something in front of my crush*